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Room 3, 2013

Welcome to 2013, Room 3

Mrs Jolliffe is our teacher and we have an awesome class of year 7 and 8 students who have made a great start to the year.

We led the first assembly of the year, yesterday. Cheycoda and George W did a fantastic job as MCs.

Mattie the new digi kid for room3


Welcome to term 3


Room 3s Work of Maths

This is Heaton doing his maths along with Mana . They are learning measurment and are studying the art of areas and distance between to places and objects.

This is room 3 on the mat busy at work learning the measurment that they didn't know. They're also learning how to calculate the area or distance correctly.

Room 3's London Olympic games

This is our theme for the term, the London Oympic Games 2012. The reason the words are coloured  is because it represents the 5 continents.

This is the history of the Olympic games, it started in the year 776BC about 3ooo years ago in Greece. Back then it was called Olympiad.

Welcome to Term 2!!

Hi I am Will one of the new trainee digi kids for Room 3. Ethan is doing a good job at training me. We are looking foward to Term 2 in Room 3 with new teachers Mrs Bunny and Mrs Lockyer. Last Term Mr Kerr left to go to Whareama School, We are missing him.


Symbols of Easter!!!

Easter Bunny = The Easter bunny is the symbol of fertility, and the reproductive rate of rabbits is notorious! Rabbits breed for most of the year, have a gestation period of 30 days and have 5-8 young per litter.

Final Message

Hi Everyone,

Well the time has come for me to send out my last message to parents in my time at MIS.  Thank you so much for your wonderful support, not only this year, but also for the near to 10 years I have been at MIS.  The challenge of principalship awaits me and I am looking forward to the learning and rewards this will bring me.  A much smaller school at Whareama is now my next step and I will no doubt see you all around town.

Room 3s Japanese wordle

Here are some japanese words that room 3 have been learning for the past term. We have also been learning our nationalities for example: New Zealander is Nyuujiirandojin in Japanese and Australian is Oosutorariajin.

room3's pathway to success pictures

Here are some finished pictures made from room 3 for our theme pathway to success.

These include our SMART goals.

Our SMART goals are goals that are Specific, Measureable, Achieveable, Realistic and Timely.

Some goals that people set were school based, interest or hobby based and also home baed, like being able to keep my bedroom tidy!!!!!  Mum's and Dad's will love that!

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