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Snow White and the Huntsman and ....

Dear Caregivers of Room 9,

The Shake Out:)

Yesterday on the 26th of September at 9.26am our whole school had to get under our desks and drop, cover and hold. Lots of us got squashed and stuck our heads out, but something happened, Miss Francis was the only one that died because she was walking round taking photos. Here are some of them:


Room 9s Ice- Creams and Ballet Workshops:D

This week Miss Francis was sick :( So we had lots of relievers. Yesterday we had Mrs Brader it was her last day at M.I.S. :(. So we got to do art based learning all day which was really fun. We did some art in the style of Andy Warhol, which was ice-creams. They had to have lots of detail. Here are some of the pictures of them:

Room 9s Olympics World Map and ANSWER GARDEN!!!

This term Room 9s theme is OLYMPICS. We are upon getting our 100th medal so far we are on 99  GO FOR GOLD!!! We have made an Olympic world map where we have placed the countries of the Olympics all over the place. We also have a wonderful teacher who has made the Olympics mascots herself and made them look perfect. Here are some pictures of our world map:

Room 9s Olympic Quiz and The Olympic Message

The World Olympic Quiz on PhotoPeach

Speech Video and Awesome Art by Room 9

This weeks blog is following last weeks quiz on bullying. It is at Carterton School where Olivia peformed her speech and did really well. Our whole class thought that she was top three materials but she didn't come in a placing. Olivia said,"I'm going to kill those judges." Miss Francis was laughing really hard out!!!!!!!! But first we will show you Room 9s awesome art and family hertiage it is REALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!! :D

Room 9s Bullying Quiz and Maths Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week was the Wairarapa Speech Comp. Olivia from our class got into it. She did really well. Her speech was on bullying we made a speech on bullying for you. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Syndicate Dancing and Alternitive Program Answergarden

This week we have been doing syndicate dancing. We have learnt lots if moves and been practicing really really hard. Our favourite move is the helicopter. We managed to get some photos of us dancing:


Photo peach on sport

With the up and coming havelock north exstange Room 9 thought it would be cool to do a quiz on sport. We thought about the sports that are happning and put together a quiz hope You injoy.

Sports 101 on PhotoPeach

Room 9s Brilliant Art Work and Answer Garden

This is related to our last blog about the Life Education Bus. How would you cope if someone walking down the street offered you drugs. If you have any answers please flll out this answer garden and tell us what you would do. You only have 20 letters to write you answer.


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