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Horrible Histories

 In room11 we are watch Horrible Histories series 1 wtich has crazy clipits of  the Rotten Romans, Groovy Greeks, Vicious Vikings and Stupid Deaths. Its funny and it also teaches you at the same time.

By Cameron Nation 

Nerd Herd News

 Room 11's elite geek squad, The Nerd Herd is on the market again.

The Nerd Herd's senior managers are meeting with both HODGECo Ltd.

(NZ) and Room 11 Industries. The plan is to sell 49% of shares. 51% Will remain with EliteNerds Inc. (NZ Ltd.)

Indie Has Puppies!

Local dog, Indie Hodge-Wilton has now got little black/brown lab puppies things to call her own.

Neither Indie or Snoop Doggie Dogg (the choc lab) parents of the the very cute puppies were avaliable for comment. Gracious Grandmother Anna Hodge-Wilton said "YAY! Cookies!!" for some reason.

Nerd Herd Development News

  The Nerd Herd have been going through a lot of changes lately, so we thought we'd fill you in on the main events.


Fun Run Prizes

Fun Run Prizes

Under The SpotLight!!

Introducing our Wairarapa Bush Rugby Helpers!

Throughout this term we have been lucky enough to have some Wairarapa Bush Rugby players to help us during P.E slots.

Today we interviewed Tipene Haira to find out more!

Bizarre Stuff about Tipene Haira:

Giant Chicken Man invades room 11!!!

Yesterday at exactly 3:01pm just after everyone had left, a giant chicken invaded room 11.  Consequently killing the notorious Samson, Katlyne Wishart and nearly pecking to death our lovely teacher Mrs Hodge-Wilton, luckily Jacob Jamison (our class ninja) came back to get his jacket and saw the giant chicken and used his ninja skills to drive it back to where it came from (probably Hadlow), so thats where it is right now causing havock and destroying classrooms at this minute.  Thanks to our class ninja Jacob Jamison who saved the whole school

The Fun Run

Last Friday was the Fun Run.  We were faced with several challenges as we ran the 5km circuit.  Some of those challeges included; Jumping over hurdles, Running through a spinning skipping rope, Stepping through some hula-hoops and much, much more.  It went ahead as scheduled with no delays.  When we got back to the school we were gifted with some Juicies.

Nifty Glass Pendants in Design Technology!

Yesterday in Design Technology, the Yr8's of Room 11 got to see their pendents after they had been fired had the opportunity to start finishing, their nifty glass pendants. Some of their pendants were pretty awesome.  The colours and designs look amazing. We started to make them in lesson 3. Firstly we made the moulds and left them to dry until the next session. Then we took the clay out of the plaster of paris mould and put in all different colours of glass.

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