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Room 12 at the beach!

 Last Thursday Room 12 went to the beach, we went on a bus to Castle Point and everybody had a great time. We were put in groups and there were sasuges and juice. We took 3 buses down and there were lots of fun games an everyone. People went diving and they caught 1 fish and lots of crabs. There were lots of parents that came, here are some pictures of our great day out.


Kika's puppies!!!!!!!!!!

Hiya its Kika this time I am telling you about MY puppies!

Their names are Fred,Feather,Plumpty Dumpty and the other 2 don't have names yet.

My mummy is keeping 1,3 have homes and 1 doesn't yet!

Here is mummy and me at MIS after I had my puppies!



 On Thursday 23rd august 2012 we had the fun run we ran 4.7km with a number of obstacles on the way. Our class's country was USA, we dressed up in crazy coustumes and had a blast of a time. some photos of the school running round the 4.7km track are coming soon. 

Kikas 2nd Blog

Hay guys it is me Kika and I have been watching the Olympics with my mum (Ms Mehrtens) and my dad (Leo) and we have been watching the diving, the achery and the shotputting. Now that i have said the "shotputting" I felt soooooo sorry for Velerie Adams ahe lost her gold medel BUT they found out that the other girl cheated with drugs so she won her gold medel in the end good on you Velerie Adams you are us pround to be New Zealanders!!!!

Frozen Room 12

This term in Room 12 we are really frosty because our theme is    Frozen Planet    We have been making a wall of snowflakes and here is a picture to you what our wall looked like before and after.

 These are some of our favourite snowflakes!!!

The 1st one is Ms Mehrtens awsome snowflake!!

Room 12 Famous Kika

 Woof Woof. Hi im Kika I am a black and white spotted puppy and I am Ms Mehrtens beloved angel. When it comes to running around room12 with a tennis ball in my mouth im the champian. I love to round up the cows with my dad Leo. Here are some pics of me playing round outside.

The Careers Expo

 This week Room 12 and the rest of the syndicate went to the Wellingtons Careers Expo. At the Expo there was a army video and a jumping thing and many more. We were in there for about 1 hour and a half plus, had a great time. After all of that we went to the Upper Hutt H2O pools. That was awesome! Then everyone went back home and was quiet upset.

Here are some pictures of the Expo!! Take a look!!

mufti day donation

Is there any chance we could donate this mufti days profits to a local child being the Grace Yeats trust.

mufti day donation


I went to work experience I interviewed Gemma I asked her which ways do you work? She works salaried work and full time. Her role is year 3 and 4 classroom teacher and middle syndicate leader. Her interests are cooking, reading, netball and cycling. She said she uses all uses them in her job. Literacy, maths and social science are useful subjects being a teacher.

By Olivia

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