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What an exciting and busy end to the school year we are having in the Science Room.

The year 7 students have completed  their work on "The  Human Body" unit involving the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems.

Options one, "Lets Experiment," have learnt about explanational writing  and carried out many experiments.

The options two group, "Dig This," have harvested their produce from, The garden," and taken their pumpkin plants home to plant out.

Final science lessons

 The year eight students have now completed their final term of science at M.I.S. In our last lesson we  made sherbert and discussed the taste areas of the tongue. We identified the bitter, sweet, salty and sour tasting areas of the tongue and talked about the 8000 taste buds.  


The term has been progressing well in the science room. Open night was a great success, with the six helpers doing a top job promoting our wonderful school. The electricity experiments are now ccompleted and for the last two weeks we have been learning about,magnetisim.

Science - Electricity and magnetisim

The Year 8 science classes, this term are learning about 'Electricity and Magnetism'. We have started by discovering how electricity works and to do this we have needed to explore how electrons behave in an electrical circuit.


Science - rock cycle

This week in the science room we have been learning about the 'rock cycle' on earth.

We are almost ready to sit our mastery test and have ben revising how Sedimintary, Metaporphic, and Igneous are formed.

Science - rock types

This term in the science room we have been studing the main types of rocks on earth.

Here is a short quiz about the topic we have been covering in the science room this term


Science - rock-classes

This term in the science room we have been studing the three rock-classes they are sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous.They are made of many different types of rock such as basalt, granite, obsidian, sandstone and pumice.

Here is an answer garden on rocks !!!


Science - Geolagy


Science - cleaning coins

During thislast lesson for the term we have been doing an experiment involving acids and bases. This experiment also uses the pH scale.

The experiment is called, 'Which solution cleans the coins the best?'.

Science - Sweet & Sour, Sherbet

This week we have been making sherbet and talking about the different areas of the tongue involved in tasting the sweet and sour ingredients.

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