Masterton Intermediate School is currently comprised of thirteen composite Year 7 and 8 classes which are divided into four syndicates, Waiopoua, Waiohine, Waingawa and Tauwharenikau. Our Syndicates have been named to reflect our on-going desire for students to develop a sense of identify and belonging, not only to the school but to the syndicate they belong to as well.

Each term the school has a school based theme which encompasses the learning programme within each classroom. This school based theme will focus on a curriculum learning area/s, integrating Literacy, Key Competencies, Thinking Skills and ICT's as a 'vehicle' for developing skills and knowledge and meeting the learning intentions within the theme.
  Masterton Intermediate School is dedicated to improving the literacy and numeracy achievement of all students and is actively involved in continual professional development for its staff in boths areas.   Literacy is integrated across the curriculum.  Opportunities for extension are offered within and outside of the classroom from various specialists such as during the annual 'Writers Camp'.  As are opportunities for extra support with our SENCO and syndicate based teacher aides.   For mathematics, students are grouped according to needs and abilities and work with their classroom teacher to develop their abilities in a particular area. This is reviewed at the beginning and end of each unit to ensure students' needs are continuing to be met with Numeracy skills and across the maths strands. Each year students are selected to represent the school at the annual Matharapa which includes schools from across the Wairarapa. As well as this, students travel away to compete in other North Island Schools in the Mathletics competition.