Snow White and the Huntsman and ....

Dear Caregivers of Room 9,

We have just finished our teacher read called 'Snow White and the Huntsman' by Lily Blake. It is a novel based on the movie that has just been released under the same title. We are now hoping to watch the movie for a movie study in class. However the film is a 'M' rated movie. It is an 'M' rated movie because it contains fantasy violence. If you are unhappy for your child to watch this movie, please write a note and I will organise something else for them to do at this time. If i don't hear from you, I will assume that you are okay with your child to watch the movie. We will be starting the movie next week as a finish to our reading programme.

We have had some great results in reading this year and you should all be proud of your childs progress.


Ellie Francis.

Tobia Dale of Room 9's photo got into the Photography awards. We are all really proud of Tobia. Well done :DD