Masterton Intermediate School runs a specialist programme which provides students with a minimum of twenty hours instruction in each programme. These are:

Design Technology




Each technicraft area is taught by a specialist teacher who provides a variety of activities which include a balance of theory and practical skills.   All technology rooms have been renovated to provide a pleasant learning environment which students enjoy working in. These areas are well-resourced with up to date equipment and technology which is continually upgraded to provide the students with a modern learning approach. 

The music suite also has eighteen keyboards which are linked into a console. The Design technology, food technology and science rooms are fully equipped to enable students to produce quality learning experiences and outcomes.

We have a suite of 21 Windows-based PC's; 40 iPads set out in 4 sets; 120 Chromebooks in sets of 10 per class; 6 iMacs in our Design Technology and Music Suite; 8 PC's in our library and a pod of 10 Google tablets. At MIS, we believe in having a variety of learning tools available so that students can make decisions about what is best to use for each situation. Our teachers and students are learning how using these tools can enhance personlisation, collaboration and creativity in learning. We are very excited about this journey!