Welcome to Masterton Intermediate School, where our vision is a thriving, diverse and modern community of life long learners.

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Our ADMIRE values are a set of expectations we use at MIS. These frame up what we expect of all students and adults in our school. Click each value below or go here for more details.

Having an Active brain at MIS means that you ‘switch on’. You think about your learning, your strengths, your weaknesses and you know what you need to do to achieve success. 

Learners who have an Active brain listen to the speaker, they make connections with all of the things they already know. 

Having an Active brain means that you think before doing or saying. 

Dependable learners do the right thing even when no one is watching. 

Dependable learners have the correct gear for all of the activities they are doing.

Dependable learners are organised and on time.

Managing self means that we use self control. We manage our impulses. We think before doing and saying. We have a filter between our thoughts and our words. 

By being positively Involved in some of the many opportunities will ensure that all students will enjoy their time at MIS.

The intermediate years are the perfect time for students to find their passion so in order to do so, will require taking up as many opportunities as possible.

Relationships are central to everything we do at MIS. Our staff and students work really hard to get to know each other. This is the best way to make sure that great learning happens!

Strong learning partnerships with our wider MIS whānau is also really important. Staff and students want to have a great learning Relationship with you all at home!

Our learners know what Excellence will look like in any learning they are doing.

They aim to achieve Excellence and not just ‘do enough to get by‘!

Our teachers are a reflective group who aim for Excellence. We all want to keep on getting better and better at what we do!

We believe that all learners at MIS can achieve Excellence!