Inquiry is a PROCESS, not a subject. At MIS, we use the inquiry model below to help frame learning in all areas. Our attempt is to get students ‘in the driver’s seat’ for their own learning!

In the first stage the teachers immerse the students in a wide variety of experiences to introduce the new concept. A lot of skill teaching happens at this stage of the process. Next the teachers guide students to craft an overarching ‘umbrella’ question which is rich, relevant, specific and open. There may be additional sub-level questions too. Working through these types of questions help students reflect on their new learning and often take them on to further learning.

The next steps of finding resources and interpreting information are either done independently or with teachers’ support. This is a reflective cycle whereby questions may be recrafted and new resources considered. The final step of the process is often a reporting of the findings of the inquiry. This is not necessarily the end of the learning; however, as often the inquiry process has unlocked a passion which students will follow up on at a later time