At MIS, we use the @School App which is linked to our internal student management system.   It is a great way of keeping informed with everything happening at our busy school.

It contains our school calendar, a great alerts function, every school newsletter, access to daily notices from the teachers and a useful absence portal which allows you to message our school office directly.  The app also has your up to date contact details, which can be altered by you, if and when they should change.

App download and use instructions

Everyone who is in our system will be sent an email that has a link to download the app that has a 13 digit user ID number. Please check that we have your correct email address.

Once you activate the link you will be sent a temporary password.

Enter both user ID and password to access the app.

Some devices will take you straight to the app; others you might need to go to the app store to access it.

It looks like this

Once you are into the app you can change your password if you wish.